What is Natal Hypnotherapy?

  • Natal Hypnotherapy is a technique which helps prepare women emotionally, physically and mentally for pregnancy and birth.

  • Mums-to-be will learn a combination of deep relaxation, self hypnosis techniques and guided visualization to help overcome fears, create a state of calm and relaxation and be more confident to achieve a calmer, more relaxed pregnancy and birth.

  • Fear and anxiety amplify the effects of pain. Through using positive associations and visualisations it is possible to reduce anxiety during labour, thereby reducing pain.

  • Through attending the workshop or listening to a CD in advance of birth, all the tools and techniques that a woman needs to relax have already been absorbed by the time the labour starts.

  • Couples who attend workshops also find that they are much better prepared for birth as they understand what they can do to support one another.

Learn more about how Natal Hypnotherapy works and find some Natal Hypnotherapy FAQs.

Natal Hypnotherapy has been successful in gaining a number of awards over the years including:

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Natal Hypnotherapy in the news:

Natal Hypnotherapy in the news:

Manchester Evening News - How hypnosis helped Becca ease birth fears

19 February 2013

Natal Hypnotherapy in the news:

Natal Hypnotherapy in the news:

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