Birth preparation, natural pain relief and labour relaxation training in Manchester, Bolton, Salford, Bury and throughtout Lancashire

Natal Hypnotherapy is the UK's leading form of hypnobirthing


What is natal hypnotherapy?

Natal Hypnotherapy is the UK’s approach to hypnobirthing and prepares women emotionally, physically and mentally during pregnancy for birth.

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About Natalie

Natalie Qureshi is a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner who teaches hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques to pregnant women, helping them manage pain and reduce anxieties during pregnancy and birth. She first discovered hypnobirthing as preparation for the birth of her daughter in 2010.

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About the workshops

Natal Hypnotherapist Natalie Qureshi runs group workshops and private sessions in Natural Pain Relief and Practical Birth Preparation.

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The birth was amazing, I only realised that I was in labour just gone midnight and he was born 4hrs and 37mins later! I managed on 2 paracetamol and a tens machine, then got into the pool and he was born 10-15mins later. He basically birthed himself and swam out. It was perfect.

EN, Ramsbottom


I have absolutely no doubt that the power of mind over matter helped me to cope with labour, especially when my plans were turned on their head. Thank you Natalie.

EP, Prestwich


After being very skeptical, Natalie’s knowledge and confidence has hugely helped my partner and myself. No question was ‘stupid’ or not important. Massive thanks for your patience and time.

MH, Manchester


Although I had used Natal Hypnotherapy CDs and read the Effective Birth Preparation book for my previous birth, I still found the course very useful. It has given me the opportunity to ask questions and for my husband to learn about Natal Hypnotherapy, experience it and ask questions too.

MS, Ramsbottom


I really enjoyed the whole day. Having a one-to-one made it flow really well; we could ask questions, take breaks and relax when needed. Natalie was excellent, very knowledgeable, kind and extremely relaxing to listen to!

ES, Chorlton


I think the workshop was excellent and a very valuable resource, really pleased we did it. As a sceptic beforehand, I have been converted.

WS, Chorlton


Fantastic! Relaxed, open and informative, very reassuring. Helped me really realise how helpful this practise is going to be. She has helped me feel much more empowered, confident and relaxed (but excited) about the birth.

AR, Edinburgh


One of the best parts of the workshop for me was seeing my partner get excited about the birth and for him to understand how he can support me. I now feel excited about the birth, and I never thought I would say that. Thank you.

AL, Bury


Just wanted to say Thank you for the hypnobirthing sessions they really helped!! It was a fantastic labour. Funny story I had a midwife apt I went to ( I had stomach ache all morning but didn’t think it was anything) at 1pm she told me I was 8 cm! Went straight to hospital at 2.15 and my baby boy was born at 4.19

SM, Manchester


I went into early labour at around 7am on Sunday 25th May. I then laboured at home for about 20 hours using the relaxation and focused breathing techniques. We then went to St Mary’s hospital at 3am on Monday morning and he was born just under 5 hours later at 7:53am! I had x2 paracetamol in early labour and a bit of gas and air later on but that’s it. I would not have got through it without focusing my mind 100% and saying “3-2-1 relax” to myself often! The whole thing was such an amazing experience.

LM, Manchester


Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. I’m feeling more confident in supporting my partners labour. Thanks to this workshop and the way it was delivered.

JT, Trafford


Great course, would recommend to anyone who has any doubts about birth. Makes you think differently about the way your body and mind work in a very positive way.

GW, Prestwich

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